Start receiving calls on your new number instantly. Three simple steps. Choose your number, choose your plan, choose your destination (ip address or phone number) anywhere in the world and press Go. That’s it. You now have a global presence.


    • Build your overseas business with our international toll free numbers. International toll free numbers are a cost effective way for customers to instantly reach you from countries where you don’t have a physical presence. Toll free numbers can be routed to your office lines, PBX, IP Phones or personal landlines or mobile phones. Calls made by your customers to our toll free numbers are free.
  • f_icon_twoCALL FORWARDING -

    • Seamlessly forward your inbound toll free calls to a mobile or landline anywhere in the world.
  • f_icon_threeFOLLOW ME -

    • This is similar to call forwarding with one big difference. Each extension can be forwarded to either another extension or an external landline or mobile number. Say you are traveling for a couple of days and will be away from your desk. You will use the Follow Me feature to forward all your work extension calls to your mobile phone. Calls will follow you wherever you are.
  • f_icon_sixQUEUES AND GROUPS -

    • Organize your agents in Groups and Queues. Call Queues allow calls to be queued whilst agents (members of a call queue) answer calls. If all agents are busy, calls do not go unanswered but wait in a queue until an agent is available to take the call. You could upload and play a custom promotional message or music while customers are waiting in queue. Multiple inbound numbers can be routed selectively to different groups of agents, for example sales, billing, support etc., each with its own custom queue recording.

      For example, you can define a group of three sales people (agents) and have the general number route to the sales queue. If all three sales agents are busy, callers will be kept in the queue until the next sales agent is free. If more than one agent is free you could have calls ring all agent extensions simultaneously, in sequence or the agent extension that has been the most idle. You could even have agents being members of more than one queue.
  • f_icon_fourTIME OF DAY ROUTING -

    • Never miss a call whether during office hours or not. Multiple routing choices for office hours and non- office hours such as VoIP Extensions, Mobile or Landline, Office PBX or Dialer, Voicemail etc.

      Time of Day (TOD) routing is a very powerful call routing feature that can be used to ensure that every call is properly routed to an appropriate extension no matter what time it arrives. TOD routing can be used in a variety of ways that will increase your efficiencies and customer satisfaction. The main function of TOD routing is its ability to transfer, forward or route incoming calls to specific phones depending on what time and day of the week it is.

      For instance, say you work in the office from 8am-5pm. During these hours, you can have all your calls delivered to your work phone. After these hours, you can set the Time of Day Routing feature to deliver your calls to your personal cell phone. This gives you ultimate flexibility so you’ll never miss an important work call. During weekends you could divert all calls to a custom recording and then voicemail.

      Your customers perceive a better customer service experience because it ensures that they’ll be connected to an available agent when they call.
  • f_icon_fiveAUTO ATTENDANT -

    • Play a professional sounding greeting to welcome your customers when they call in. If you have multiple incoming Toll Free Numbers, you could play a different recording on each number. You may choose to play your own recording or use our default recording or not play a recording at all. Custom recordings can be uploaded via the self-help customer portal.
  • f_icon_sevenVOICE MAIL -

    • Should agents not be able to take a call, your customers can leave a voice mail. Each toll free number is linked to a voice mailbox, so when the number is called and the line is not answered or is busy, the caller listens is played a custom (or default) message previously recorded and uploaded by the user. This message can give instructions to the caller to leave a voice message. As soon as the caller has left a voice message, the voice file is attached to an email and sent to the customer.
  • f_icon_eightCALL CONFERENCING -

    • Seamlessly add and connect a third person to your two-way conversation, with the press of a button on your soft or hard IP Phone.
  • f_icon_nineWEB PORTAL -

    • Build your overseas business with our international toll free numbers. International toll free numbers are a cost effective way for customers to instantly reach you from countries where you don’t have a physical presence.
  • f_icon_ten24 X 7 X 365 SUPPORT -

    • We have the best tech support in the business. Chat or talk to a real engineer round the clock, 365 days a year, for all your support questions and assistance.

    • Our state of the art robust and redundant network, located in Los Angeles, guarantees 99.99% uptime so you can rely on us to run your business.

    • Our simple and powerful GUI gives you complete control of your call flow configuration for your application. It is so simple you will never need to talk to an IT person.

    • We send you regular email and SMS notifications with balance and usage details with adequate advance notice for renewals.

    • These are powerful advanced call center features allowing supervisors to listen in on agent conversations while being able to speak to the agent only or agent and customer for quality control, training and escalations.

      Listen. A supervisor can silently monitor a two-party call made by or answered by an agent on a conversation with an external party. No audible sound would alert the agent or the customer that the conversation is being monitored.

      Whisper. A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion. When the whisper feature is activated, the supervisor can begin speaking to the agent. This is one-directional audio from supervisor to agent. The customer will not hear the whisper. Both supervisor and agent can hear the customer.

      Barge. A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call decides to enter the conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other.

    • Manage your call flows in real time by viewing calls in queue, so that you can increase or decrease the number of agents to optimize queue wait time.

    • Comprehensive web portal to view and manage payments and all features and services. You can review and download CDRs, Call Recordings, Account Balances and much more. You could also upload recordings and configure each feature to optimize performance for your application. Make online payments and top up your account.

    • Record all calls or selectively per user and download or stream and listen from the self-help portal. We store all recordings for a period of two months in mp3 format.

    • This feature allows you to blacklist callers you don’t wish to receive calls from. The phone numbers to be blacklisted can be configured from the self-help portal.

    • This feature allows you to transfer inbound or outbound calls to another extension. An agent may wish to transfer a live call to another colleague or department or even to a supervisor. This can easily be done by a couple of key presses.
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